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I'm John M. Wargo. I'm a geek (not a nerd - there's a difference). I've been a professional application developer and product manager for all of my professional career. I registered this domain and built this site as a way for me to post information about different and interesting things I encountered in the technical world. I'm pretty opinionated, so when I see something silly in the world, especially in mobile applications, I write about it.

I started writing some BlackBerry topics here then quickly added some Domino topics as well. Before long I added a section for Content Management Systems (CMS) because of my work with Joomla! and other CMS. The Miscellaneous section is for odds and ends that pop into my mind.

I've written two books on mobile development (refer to the Books area of the site for more information) plus a book for brand new Soccer Referees. I've also written about 20 articles for The View, a magazine for IBM Lotus Domino developers.

Over the years, the site has been active for almost 4 years now, I've written a lot of articles and shown a lot of code. Right now I work for SAP on the Mobile Developer Strategy and Evangelism team, so I'm not writing as much code as I used to.

I hope you enjoy this site. Please feel free to ask some questions of me or even suggest topics. I get a lot of emails from readers and try to respond in a timely manner.

The site's built using Joomla! 2.5 and a Template design called Simple Tech by Joomlashack.

The home page logo was designed by Silver Stream Creative Group.

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